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Discovery: Mummies with Golden Tongues are found in Egypt.

During an archaeological trip in the Quesna cemetery in Egypt, several mummies with golden tongues were found. An article in the Egyptian Independent claims that the tombs in the area are from various eras of antiquity. The expedition was carried out in a location that is a part of the archaeological compound under the direction of the Supreme Council for Archaeology. Others were buried close to scarabs and lotus flowers that were shaped like gold, and some of the other uncovered skeletons had their bones covered in gold paint.


Even though some of the mummies are not in the best of shape, those with gold linings are still whole, according to Egypt Independent. There have also been some wooden coffins and copper nails used in those coffins discovered at the location, the outlet.


The excavation site of these mummies was located in 1989, and it is believed to have been inhabited during the Ptolemaic and Roman eras (between 300 BCE and 640 CE).


A similar discovery was made in Egypt in 2021 when archaeologists excavating a 2,000-year-old site found a skull with a tongue-shaped adornment. A few months later, the skeletons of a man, a woman, and a kid with golden tongues were discovered; according to researchers, the corpses are older than 2,500 years.


The discovery implies that the practises at each level of burial were distinct from one another and even had various burial directions, reported Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.




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