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US shooting tragedies; Democrats renew calls for assault weapons ban!

Democratic US Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy voiced scepticism on Sunday on a proposed assault weapons ban. Murphy seemed uncertain that it would pass the upper chamber based on his remarks. Murphy has long been a major voice for gun regulation in the Senate. His comments coincided with President Biden’s call for the ban following the most recent horrific killings in the nation.

After shooting tragedies in Virginia and Colorado in the past two weeks, concerns were raised concerning the funding of law enforcement organisations in states that don’t enforce red flag regulations. According to Murphy, ‘The State of the Union address on Sunday, fewer mass shootings would occur if assault weapons were banned. Mass shooters often choose an AR-15 or a weapon in the AR-15 fashion, so you won’t be able to miraculously stop mass shootings’.

During the lame-duck session of Congress this year, Biden declared that he would work to ban assault weapons in response to recent massacres. Biden remarked ‘The notion that semi-automatic rifles are still legal to acquire is disgusting. merely ill. Assault weapons will be eliminated, I hope’.  Murphy responded when questioned about the votes and if the motion could receive 60 votes: ‘I doubt it. Let’s attempt to get that number as near to 60 as we can, though’.

‘If we don’t have the votes,’ he said, ‘then we’ll talk to Senator Schumer and maybe come back next year with maybe an additional senator and see if we can do better’. In July, legislation to bring back the assault weapons prohibition from the 1990s was approved by the Democratic-controlled House. After the historic approval of a gun-related bipartisan measure, police can now take away firearms from dangerous people by enhancing background checks and red flag regulations. The proposal, which would need 60 votes to pass in the Senate, is, however, dead there.


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