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From April 2023, the Andhra Pradesh government will relocate to Vizag.

Gudivada Amarnath, a legislator for the YSR Party and the Andhra Pradesh IT Minister, announced on Monday that the state’s chief executive, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, would take office in the proposed Vizag executive capital in April 2023.


‘Due to the dedication with which CM Jagan’s administration is pursuing decentralisation, justice will prevail. Capital is not a decision made by a small group of self-serving individuals; rather, it is the state’s desire’ stated Amarnath.


‘Government buildings and housing alternatives abound in Vizag. For our own financial benefit, we have argued that capital should be formed in well-established cities rather than in rural areas.’


‘The High Court ruled on three capitals outside of its purview. It wasn’t the right one, as we’ve already stated. We are confident in the Supreme Court. Judges should not interfere with decisions made by the Chief Minister and Assembly, as was previously stated,’ the Minister of IT said.


The Andhra Pradesh High Court’s order directing the government and the APCRDA to complete the development process and provide infrastructure in the capital city of Amaravati within six months, as well as on four other issues, has been stayed by the Supreme Court.


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