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Nation Alert; China builds ‘two bridges and a military post’ along the India border

According to reports, China has completed construction of a military outpost close to the Himalayan lake Pangong. Satellite images display what appears to be an entire company of armoured personnel carriers (APCs), as well as vehicle shelters and additional weapons positions. The facility is reportedly only 6 km from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) separating China and India.

The Chinese PLA had established a temporary military facility in May 2020, which it later demolished and replaced with a more substantial one in June 2020. In the event of a confrontation with India, according to CSIS, the PLA may quickly mobilise troops, armoured vehicles, and air defence weaponry near the LAC or the Pangong lake. Both sides reportedly fought with stones and sticks, with the Chinese wrapping their sticks in barbed wire. The Indian government changed the rules after the clashes, allowing the Indian Army to fire under ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

Nearly 6 km to the east of the aforementioned HQ facility, on a mountain peak, is where the new radome is emerging. What’s inside the radome is unknown; it might be a satellite communication system or a military installation. On the shores of Pangong Lake, there is already one radome that was built prior to 2016. To move personnel and equipment from one end of the lake to the other, a bridge is also being built.

Another bridge is also rising side by side. According to CSIS, it will facilitate improved traffic flow and serve as a fallback in the event of an assault. Despite efforts by China and India to ease tensions, no nation has consented to abandon the LAC. In fact, it appears like Beijing intends to maintain its military presence in the region for a considerable amount of time. It may also imply that China is preparing for a conflict. But according to a Pentagon report, China warned the US against meddling in its relations with India. Near the LAC, in Auli, Uttarakhand, India and the US recently finished a joint military exercise.


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