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‘Disgusting’ threats were made against Meghan as a royal; Report

The most senior police officer of colour in the UK has made the astonishing admission that Meghan Markle endured ‘disgusting’ threats to her life when she was a member of the royal family. When Neil Basu told Channel 4 News that he had to deal with real threats from far-right extremists against Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, it appeared as though he was reiterating Harry’s security concerns.

In 2018, Meghan and Prince Harry got married. In 2020, they left the royal family and relocated to America. After 30 years with the Metropolitan Police of London, Basu, 54, is resigning from his position. He said, ‘Absolutely,’ when asked if there were actual dangers to Meghan’s life. ‘Teams from our organisation looked into it. For making those threats, people have faced legal action’.

Notably, when Harry returned to the UK from the United States, he sued the UK government for removing his state-funded protection. Harry has criticised certain media coverage, social media trolls, and site remarks for being sexist and racist against Meghan. In a 2021 broadcast appearance with Oprah, the pair went on to accuse the royal family of bigotry.

Indian-born Basu criticised top Asian-American Conservative lawmakers for using ‘horrific’ language regarding immigrants. He criticised Home Secretary Suella Braverman for referring to immigrants in a ‘inexplicable’ manner. She supported a contentious government plan to send unsuccessful asylum applicants to Rwanda and had called Albanian asylum seekers ‘criminals’.

‘It is unfathomable to hear a string of really strong politicians who resemble them speaking in a style that my father would recognise as being from 1968. It is horrible ‘,he stated. ‘ In 1968, I was born. The ‘rivers of blood’ speech took place in the district just adjacent to where my parents resided, which made their lives miserable. A handful of mixed races moving through the 1960s streets. Stoned’,he said.  ‘I speak about race because I am a 54-year-old mixed-racial man who has some knowledge of race’. He said that he might not have been chosen to lead the National Crime Agency because of his propensity to speak out on racial issues.


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