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Right time to consume curd

It is impossible to picture daily meals without a hearty bowl of freshly prepared curd, from snacks to main courses. Even though this milk product has been a staple of the Indian cuisine for a long time, there are still some questions and misunderstandings about how and when to consume curd.

Since the beginning of time, curd has been a fundamental component of our daily diet because of its calming and therapeutic qualities.

Regular consumption of curd can aid to increase metabolism, enhance nutrient absorption from diet, and support bone health.

Apart from that, the major reason why curd is consumed throughout the year despite its cold potency is the presence of healthy probiotics and prebiotics that help in improving gut health, digestions, reduces inflammation to name a few.

According to study on metabolic disorders conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, eating curd before meals is preferable to eating it with or after meals. It was shown that women who ate curd before meals had significantly lower levels of intestinal inflammation and better digestion.

Curd has a cold potency, but consuming it in winters can be made safe for health by mixing with honey and spices like black pepper or roasted cumin powder, which helps in balancing the potency, reduces the mucus formation in the body and also works as a laxative to improve digestion and reduce constipation.


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