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It’s time for the Brits to learn a lesson, reveals source close to British royals!

The recent US visit by the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, has been overshadowed by the teaser for the new Netflix docuseries centred on the life and difficulties of the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Despite the ongoing anticipation around the docuseries, a recent source asserts that ‘Harry & Meghan,’ a Netflix docuseries, would be harshly critical of the British Royal family and the British people. The docuseries will focus on Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s challenges leading up to their decision to leave the British Royal Family. The Netflix show will also discuss Meghan Markle’s alleged prejudice and mental health difficulties when she first joined the family.

The Duke of Sussex informed one of his pals that the Oprah interview last year was going to be ‘very upsetting,’ according to a senior source close to the couple who divulged this information on Saturday. The insider informed The Sun that the Prince maintained that ‘the Brits need to take a lesson’  The couple’s explosive Oprah interview set off global upheaval. The Duke and Dutchess divulged some of the darkest secrets of the Royal Family, claiming that in addition to the family and the ‘firm’ failing to handle Markle’s escalating mental health difficulties, the pair also experienced racism inside the family.

According to the insider, the upcoming Netflix series might be even more explosive than the Oprah interview from a year ago. The series’ trailer was made public as Harry’s brother, The Prince of Wales, and his wife were on a visit to the United States, successfully overshadowing William and Kate’s trip. As they discussed their difficulties, the clip showed Markle crying. New claims of racism against the British Royal Family are also anticipated from Markle.

Officials from the palace, according to the couple, ‘bullied’ them:
The pair will assert in the documentary series that palace staff members ‘bullied’ them, according to Page Six’s source on Friday. Page Six quoted a source as saying, ‘Harry and Meghan will claim they were intimidated by the palace,’ in response to the situation. The fact that they imply their difficulties are connected to more important global problems like racism will become obvious.

In a similar vein, the senior source told The Sun on Saturday that ‘some of the statements made by Harry and Meghan are heated,’ adding that ‘if aired, they will be extremely dynamite. There is discussion of racism and allegations that certain royals opposed the union. The insider said again again that Meghan ‘is really motivated by the entire TV endeavour’.  Many people have watched the series’ Netflix teaser. While some expressed sympathy for the couple, others referred to it as a ‘victimhood fest’.


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