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A class 10 kid in Kanpur jumps off the school’s terrace after receiving a reprimand from the teacher.

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a student in Class 10 allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday by jumping over the school’s terrace after receiving a reprimand from her teacher.


Shivani, the student, has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition.


When Shivani was allegedly abused in front of the class at Kanpur Cantonment Board School, the teacher, Ghanshyam, allegedly stated, ‘Should I procure quilt-mattress for you in school.’ Shivani fell off the school’s terrace in distress after being insulted.


In a hurt mood, Shivani said that the accused teacher regularly tormented her at the direction of the class monitor. Even worse, he humiliated her by making her spend hours waiting outside the classroom. She continued by saying that despite her complaints to the principal, nothing changed.


In the meantime, Ghanshyam refuted every accusation and claimed that Shivani had been caught cheating and that the class monitor had reported her for it. Shivani usually spoke in a haughty manner, so I took her to the principal, he said.


Shivani’s attitude toward her teachers, according to Neeta, the principal of the school, was improper, and an investigation will be carried out into the situation, she further said.


Additionally, police have opened an investigation into the situation.


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