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Report: Twitter restores ‘suicide prevention’ hotlines feature!

According to a Reuters article, Twitter Inc. reinstated a feature that pushed safety services, such as suicide prevention hotlines, to users looking for specific material after receiving criticism about its removal from consumer safety groups and a small number of users. According to Reuters, who quoted two insiders, Twitter deleted the function a few days ago. Elon Musk, the owner of the microblogging site, is said to have given the order.

Following the report’s publication, Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, confirmed the feature’s removal and described it as a temporary measure. ‘Our prompts have been improved and fixed. Just for the time being, they were taken out of the picture. The next week, we anticipate their return ‘in a message to Reuters, Irwin stated.

Musk, who at first declined to comment on the claim, tweeted, ‘False, it is still there,’ after 15 hours had passed since its publication. He said, ‘Twitter doesn’t prevent suicide,’ in response to the criticism voiced by Twitter users. A banner was put to the top of the search results when a user searched for certain topics using the #ThereIsHelp feature. The function included connections for support groups for issues including HIV, child sexual exploitation, mental health, gender-based violence, vaccinations, free speech, and natural catastrophes that occur in many nations.

Some Twitter users and consumer safety organisations expressed worry about the safety of the social media platform’s users after the function was removed. The removal of #ThereIsHelp was ‘very unnerving and profoundly upsetting,’ according to Eirliani Abdul Rahman, a member of Twitter’s since-disbanded content advisory board. Although it was temporarily withdrawn in order to introduce changes, ‘usually you would be working on it in parallel, not deleting it,’ she continued.


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