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Saudi Arabian government showcases ‘an ancient city’ that emerged from the sands!

Can you envision a verdant, rich land in Saudi Arabia? Such a location practically erupted from the desert sands at the beginning of this century, and the Saudis are now prepared to introduce the world to its illustrious past. AlUla, a ‘city’ from the 6th century BC with ‘exceptional cultural value’ that archaeologists unearthed in northwest Saudi Arabia around the turn of the century, is being promoted as the nation’s newest tourist attraction.

Tayma, Hegra, and Jabal Ikmah, which are located in the northwest and have ancient rock formations, inscriptions, oases, and millennia-old tombs, are included in the AlUla tourist bouquet. Through Maraya, a helicopter trip, and podcasts that vividly describe the area’s history, all these antiquated attractions are brought to life.

For the modern traveller, AlUla is a four-hour drive north of the revered sanctuary of Medina and is located along the historic ‘incense route,’ which was the route used to trade incense and spices around 2,000 years ago from India and other areas to the Arabian peninsula, Africa, and Europe. The Saudi capital of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dubai all have good domestic and international aircraft connections to it.

The Saudi Arabian government’s Royal Commission of AlUla has set up ‘welcome centres’ at the historic locations with a goal of bringing in roughly 2. 5 million tourists by 2035. Visitors may get a taste of the region’s illustrious past through ‘Rawis’ (storyteller guides) and audio-visual presentations, as well as by enjoying Arabic dates and coffee.

At the centre of the trade route was an organised community, as evidenced by excavations at Dadanic and Lihyanite sites in AlUla. AlUla is the ideal vacation for those who enjoy historical and cultural exploration and adventure.


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