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Indian spiritual leader receives a threat call from Dubai; Police beef up security!

Devkinandan Thakur Maharaj, a spiritual leader from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, was reportedly threatened over the phone by an anonymous individual, who Kharghar police have charged with a non-cognizable offence for allegedly threatening to murder him if he comes out against a certain religion. At Kharghar’s Central Park, a Bhagwat Katha is being performed for a week. The call was made on Saturday, according to the police, who were contacted as a result.

Devkinandan Thakur Maharaj received a call from abroad on Saturday, according to Kharghar’s senior police inspector Sandipan Shinde. According to Shinde, who said that the call originated from Dubai, ‘the caller threatened Devkinandan Thakur Maharaj to abstain from speaking against the Muslim community’. The caller allegedly threatened to murder the spiritual leader if he did not comply.

‘Bhagwat Katha’

Beginning on December 24 and running through December 31 is a week-long Bhagwat Katha at Kharghar’s Central Park. The call was not specifically for the Bhagwat Katha that is now taking place in Kharghar for a week. Against Devkinandan Thakur Maharaj was the charge. He receiving the call while in the city is a coincidence, said Shinde. To begin an investigation into the allegedly threatening call, the police will now request authorization from the court. At the festival, which is taking place in Kharghar for a week, the police have increased security.



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