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‘Free flight and full refund’: Center to change airline ticket rule for passengers!

The Indian aviation authority is planning to amend the regulations governing airline tickets in circumstances of involuntary downgrading of booked class. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) amended the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) to allow passengers to request a full refund of their ticket, including taxes, under the aforementioned circumstance. Airlines must also provide the affected passengers with complimentary tickets for the next available booking class.

According to a senior DGCA official, the amendment aims to protect the rights of passengers affected by ticket downgrading. According to the source, the government took this action after realising that owing to a rise in air travel, travellers are occasionally degraded. Because of things like overbooking, aircraft changes, unusable seats, etc., passengers who are scheduled in first, business, and premium economy class may have their seats demoted at check-in.

The Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) Section-3, Series M Part IV — Facilities to be Provided to Passengers by Airlines Due to Denied Boarding, Flight Cancellations, and Flight Delays is being amended by the DGC in an effort to address this passenger issue.

When the new policy is put into effect, travellers who were forced to downgrade will get a full refund of their ticket price and a complimentary flight in the next available class. The proposed modification must first pass stakeholder consultation, it is important to note. The final order will soon be published and put into effect.


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