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Greta Thunberg’s sassy critique of chauvinism poster child Andrew Tate

Greta Thunberg, a well-known young climate activist, has garnered praise online once more, though this time for completely different motives. She has had more than her fair share of online trolls and contempt due to her reputation for leading global marches and giving speeches that urge young people and governments to take action.

In the most recent instance, notorious media figure Andrew Tate—known for his misogynistic and far-right remarks—tagged Greta Thunberg in a tweet that boasted about his collection of ’33 automobiles’ and their ‘enormous emissions’ and appeared to be teasing her.

Twitter users swarmed to the reply box to make jokes or vent their annoyance with Tate, but Thunberg’s astute response to Tate was the highlight of the entire exchange. It urged him to enlighten her and offered an insulting, fictitious email address in order to do so.

The former kickboxer’s four-syllable response to Thunberg’s rejoinder, ‘How dare you?,’ fell short of expectations.

Twitter users flocked to Thunberg’s tweet’s reply box to declare their support for her and mock Tate.


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