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Non-bailable charges will be brought against ESZ demonstrators.

By using strong legal measures, the authorities want to quell the escalating demonstrations against the buffer zone and ecologically sensitive areas. Police have started filing complaints against agitators under strict sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

The same legal provisions that were applied to the SilverLine agitators might also be applied to the demonstrators in the buffer zone.

Cases have been filed against 90 people in the Erumeli Panchayat, which is on the Kottayam district’s eastern border, including two members of the local governing body. Numerous people have been charged under portions of the law that do not allow bail. In addition, charges for unauthorised assembly and vandalism of public property have been brought. A total of six people, including panchayat members, have received notices.

The dramatic action is in response to intelligence information indicating the potential of violent protests against the administration. The police’s top brass believes that for the time being, no arrests should be made.

In response to the draught map showing the buffer zone’s anomalies, several emails sent to the Forest Department have bounced. An inaccuracy in the email address provided by the Public Relations Department (PRD) for registering complaints was the cause of the issue. [email protected] is the valid email address. This information was provided in the complaint proforma that was linked to the map, but the PRD notice said that complaints should be submitted to the following address: [email protected]. The latter email address lacking the initial dot (.) bounced any complaints received to it, with the justification that it is an invalid address.


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