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The first trailer for the pandemic slasher thriller film ‘Sick’ is out

The ‘Sick’ first trailer has been released. For all of us who had to quarantine because to the COVID-19 epidemic, the pandemic slasher thriller movie hits a bit too close to home.

Parker and Miri, two friends, made the decision to spend the quarantine at a lake cottage owned by a family that was far out in the woods. They start getting spooky text messages from someone. The pals are desperately trying to preserve their hide when all of a sudden a masked assassin with a large knife is loose in the house.

The movie ‘Sick,’ which was written and directed by Kevin Williamson of ‘Scream,’ likewise seems to have a lighthearted undertone.

The film uses an old concept (slasher/home invasion thriller set in a house deep in the woods cut off from the world) and puts it in the pandemic-era.

The film has already pleased critics. After 18 reviews, the film has a rating of 94 per cent on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.


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