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Healthy alternatives to regular tea

Lemongrass Tea
A plant called lemongrass is used to make lemongrass tea, and it is simple to grow at home. Every time you feel like a cup of tea, you can create fresh tea using lemongrass stems.

This tea is ideal for you if you enjoy the taste and aroma of lemon because it has a mild lemon flavour with a naturally sweet undertone. It provides a calming effect and is good for digestion.

Chamomile Tea

Since it can promote better sleep, chamomile tea is frequently drank before bed because of its calming properties. The chamomile flowers are soaked in boiling water to make this herbal tea. Additionally, this mixture lowers anxiety levels.

Ginger Tea

With its spicy and strong flavour, Ginger Tea offers a myriad of benefits. From boosting immunity and reducing period cramps to regulating blood sugar and healing respiratory problems, Ginger Tea contains a goldmine of health benefits. You can add some lemon and honey in it to balance the flavours, if needed.


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