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Arvind Kejiwal: ‘even Parliament says Delhi’s air quality has improved.’

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated on Sunday that ‘even Parliament has admitted that Delhi’s air quality has greatly improved.’

He attributed the improvement in the air quality to Delhi residents’ ongoing efforts.

Kejriwal posted a screenshot of a news article to Twitter, citing it as saying that the Economic Survey 2022–23 noted that the number of ‘excellent,’ ‘satisfactory,’ and ‘moderate’ air quality days grew to 197 in 2021 from 108 in 2016, according to the report.

An AQI of 0 to 50 is regarded as ‘excellent,’ 51 to 100 as ‘acceptable,’ 101 to 200 as ‘moderate,’ 201 to 300 as ‘poor,’ 301 to 400 as ‘extremely poor,’ and 401 to 500 as ‘severe.’

‘Even the national parliament has acknowledged that Delhi’s air quality is getting better. This is the outcome of Delhi residents’ ongoing efforts. Any challenging task can be completed if you are determined to achieve it. In a same vein, further air quality improvements are required’ In a Hindi tweet, the chief minister made the statement.

On January 31, the Economic Survey for 2022–2023 was presented to Parliament.

In 2021, there were 197 days with ‘good,’ ‘acceptable,’ and ‘moderate’ air quality, up from 108 days in 2016. According to the Economic Survey, there were 168 ‘poor,’ ‘extremely poor,’ and ‘severe’ days in 2021 as opposed to 246 in 2016.


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