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India ranked the most inclusive nation for religious minorities

New Delhi: India has been ranked as  the most inclusive nation for religious minorities in the world. The Global Minority Report released by the Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) revealed this.

The Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) is a research institute, having its headquarters in India’s Patna. The Global Minority Report was released to educate the world community on the prevalence of discrimination against minorities based on their faith in different nations.

The Global Minority Report by CPA is the first worldwide evaluation to offer a grade to nations based on how they treat their individual religious minority. It is also the first study by a group of non-Western and Afro-Asian nations to rank various countries based on specified criteria.

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India is ranked 1 as it has the highest level of religious minorities’ acceptance among 110 nations. India is  followed by South Korea, Japan, Panama, and the US. Maldives, Afghanistan, and Somalia are at the bottom of the list. The UK and the UAE are at positions 54 and 61, respectively.

The report is based on conceptual issues relating to human rights, minorities, concept of religious freedom and culture dilemma of religious minorities, cause of religious differences and more.

According to the report, the minority policy of  India  is built on a strategy that emphasizes fostering diversity. The Constitution of India provides unique and special clauses that encourage religious minorities in both culture and education. As per the report, no other Constitution has clear guarantees for the support of linguistic and religious minorities.

India also has no restrictions on any religious sects. But several other countries impose restrictions on religious minorities. According to the report, the UN may use India’s minority policy as an example for other countries due to its inclusion and absence of prejudice against different religions and their sects.

Meanwhile, the report says that if India wishes to keep the country free of conflicts, it must rationalise its approach towards minorities. The minority policy of the country must be reviewed and re-examined from time to time.





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