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Maharashtra farmer distributes produce for free after being upset by the low price

Due to low pricing, which were almost zero, a disgruntled farmer from Maharashtra gave away all of his farm’s coriander and fenugreek supply for free to individuals strolling the market.

Nashik-based farmer Santosh Barkale attended the auction to sell the fruits and vegetables from his farm, but the prices were dismally low—more than 20 times lower than the sum he had spent on their cultivation.

Mr. Barkale travelled 35 kilometres to sell the 1,000 packs of fenugreek and coriander he had brought. It cost him roughly 20,000 rs to produce these vegetables. Yet, each produce bundle was being auctioned for one rupee during the auction. Therefore, in a moment of wrath, Santosh started dispensing the entire harvest to drivers.

‘I spent a total of 25,000 rupees on this batch of vegetables—20,000 on growing and 5,000 on delivery—and I was paid just Rs. 1,000 for all of my produce,’ said Mr. Barkale.

He decided to give it up for free because he was frustrated with the incredibly low return on his labour and money.

‘The costs are so low that it’s preferable to give it out for free; at the very least, I’ll have the support of the people who will receive the fresh vegetables,’ he claimed.

A few people who were given these packets for free spoke with him after learning about his awful situation and made an effort to make him feel better.



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