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The government in Belgium bans TikTok from government phones over concerns of privacy and cybersecurity

According to the Belgium’s prime minister on Friday, TikTok has also been prohibited on official phones because to worries about cybersecurity, privacy, and false information.

The action is comparable to the recent restriction on the video-sharing app enforced by US and European government officials.

TikTok will be temporarily blocked from devices that the Belgian federal government owns or is paying for, for at least six months, according to a message shared on Alexander de Croo’s website.

TikTok did not respond right away. The business, which is controlled by China’s ByteDance, has long stated that no application data is exchanged with the Chinese government and that no China-based servers are used to store the data.

This week, new measures were unveiled by TikTok to ease concerns being raised about user data protection in Europe.

But the three main institutions of the European Union and the defence ministry of Denmark have already given orders to their employees to delete the application from mobile devices which are being used for official business.


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