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large asteroid coming close to earth

This weekend, an asteroid large enough to destroy a city will fly harmlessly between Earth’s and the moon’s orbits, missing both celestial entities. Astronomers will be able to analyze a space rock from just over 100,000 miles (168,000 kilometers) away during Saturday’s close approach. It is less than half the distance between here and the moon, making it viewable with binoculars and tiny telescopes. While asteroid flybys are common, NASA said it’s unusual for one this large to pass so close – around once every decade. Experts estimate its length to be between 130 and 300 feet (40 meters and 90 meters).

The asteroid 2023 DZ2, discovered a month ago, will pass within 320,000 miles (515,000 kilometers) of the moon on Saturday and then buzz the Indian Ocean at around 17,500 mph (28,000 kph). According to NASA, astronomers with the International Asteroid Warning Network consider it as ideal exercise for planetary defense if and when a deadly asteroid swing our way. The near approach will be streamed live by the Virtual Telescope Project. The asteroid will not return to our area until 2026. Although there appeared to be a minor probability that it may reach Earth at the time, scientists have subsequently ruled that out.


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