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All you want to know about Good Friday 2023

Good Friday is one of the most significant days for the Christian community around the world. It is a day of mourning and sorrow when Christians attend church services and some observe a fast. This day commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life to redeem the sins of those who believe in him. It is also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday.

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter as it is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday. This year, Good Friday falls on April 7th.

The significance of Good Friday lies in the belief that God sacrificed his only son to save humanity from their sins. Christians observe this day to honor Jesus’ sacrifice and mourn his death. It is a solemn occasion and people refrain from saying ‘Happy Good Friday’ as it is a day of sadness.

According to history, Jesus Christ was arrested and beaten by the Roman authorities before being crucified at Calvary mountains. The reason why it is called Good Friday is uncertain – some believe that ‘Good’ refers to God, while others believe that it signifies the goodness of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Good Friday marks the beginning of the Easter weekend.

In conclusion, Good Friday is an important day for the Christian community to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and mourn his death. It is observed as a day of sorrow and people refrain from any activities or greetings that could be perceived as joyful.


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