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Health benefits of sleeping naked with partner

It is said that by sleeping naked increases  mutual love. Medical science says that when partners sleep naked, the love and intimacy between them increases and the results are directly known. Studies also show that women generally prefer to sleep with their partner this way. The study also says that only 8% of people in the world sleep naked.

Previous studies have found that healthy sleep can significantly affect one’s brain function. It is said that dangerous proteins accumulated in neurons during wakefulness are released by the brain during deep sleep, and therefore, if sleep is not good, bad proteins accumulate in the brain and thereby affect the ability to think properly. Similarly, the study also says that by lowering the body temperature, you will get proper sleep. Therefore, sleeping naked is beneficial.

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Also, if you sleep naked with your partner, it can reduce your stress. Sleeping  naked together will reduce your stress and anxiety and give your body a good rest. This will help increase the level of love hormone, oxytocin. With oxytocin levels rising, you will feel much better connected to your partner and  the relationship will be strengthened.

Men who have problems with their sexual organs can improve their fertility by sleeping naked. Studies show that sleeping naked can help you sleep longer and also help you lose weight. People who sleep 5 hours or less a night are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep 1 hour or more.



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