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China unveils a new electromagnetic gun aimed at controlling riots that fires coin-shaped bullets

According to a report by the South China Morning Post on Sunday, China has unveiled a new electromagnetic gun designed to control riots, as reported on state broadcaster CCTV on March 28. The gun fires coin-shaped bullets, with adjustable speed and force, and has been designed to minimize the risk of causing fatal injuries. The technology is expected to allow authorities to suppress riots without causing serious harm to civilians. The gun has been described as ‘non-lethal,’ though it reportedly has the ability to penetrate wood and shatter glass bottles.

The electromagnetic gun, known as the CS/LW21, is a handheld launcher, jointly developed by China North Industries Group Corporation Limited and other technology teams. According to the Global Times, the gun was found to be comparatively superior to traditional firearms in a firing test, due to its low noise, little muzzle flash, and low recoil.

Experts believe that the technology marks a development trend for future weapons, and the gun’s designer, Lei Fengqiao, said that it is designed like coil guns, which use electric power to accelerate the projectile. When the nine-level coil is electrified, corresponding magnetic fields are formed, which allow the bullet to be propelled out by a relay race method. The gun is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that can continuously fire hundreds of rounds when fully charged, with a short charging time that is not affected by temperature.


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