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Metroman E Sreedharan: Vande Bharat Trains Incompatible with Kerala Tracks

Metroman E Sreedharan, a renowned engineer, and former managing director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, recently commented on the unsuitability of Vande Bharat trains for the existing railway tracks in Kerala. In an interview with an English daily, Sreedharan shared his thoughts on the feasibility of running high-speed trains in Kerala.

‘It is possible to operate (Vande Bharat) in Kerala, but you will not get the benefits of it. The present track can take 80km/hr or a maximum of 100km/hr, which in effect can only run at 90km. Vande Bharat train has a speed potential of 160km/hr, so if you run it at 90km, it is foolish,’ said Sreedharan.

He further emphasized that technical issues in operating the Vande Bharat trains in Kerala could not be ignored. ‘Vande Bharat is not suitable for the present Kerala tracks. We should not waste them…all curves (of the tracks) have to be realigned, and land will have to be acquired. It will take at least ten more years,’ he added.

Sreedharan, who contested on a BJP ticket in the 2021 Kerala Assembly elections, also expressed his reservations about the proposed SilverLine semi-high-speed project of the LDF government. He highlighted the importance of cost-effectiveness and sustainability while planning and executing large-scale infrastructure projects.

In summary, while Vande Bharat trains may not be suitable for the existing railway tracks in Kerala due to technical limitations, there is room for improvement and innovation to provide faster and efficient transportation options in the state.


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