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Eat these foods for a healthy liver

Liver is the most vital organ in human body and it is the second largest organ in the body. It plays  a crucial role in maintaining overall health by filtering toxins, producing bile for digestion, and storing nutrients. A poor diet can lead to liver damage.

Liver performs complex functions including:

Production and excretion of bile

Metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

Regulation of blood sugars

Controlling cholesterol levels

Blood detoxification and purification

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Renowned nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares foods that might help improve our liver health. 5 Foods to improve liver health, as per the nutritionist:

Omega-3 to reduce inflammation and fat level

Wheatgrass to help lower abnormal liver enzymes

Greens to prevent fat build-up

Sunflower seeds for antioxidants

Turmeric to reduce markers of liver damage



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