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An autistic 11-year-old girl completes her masters and will soon be receiving the degree

An 11-year-old girl from Mexico City, Adhara Pérez Sánchez, who is autistic and has an IQ of 162, is set to receive a master’s degree in systems and industrial engineering with a specialisation in mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico. Adhara’s IQ is higher than that of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, both of whom have estimated IQs of around 160.

She completed her high school education at the age of seven and is now working with the Mexican Space Agency to promote space exploration among younger generations.

Despite her impressive credentials, Adhara has faced bullying due to her speech disability, which was diagnosed when she was three years old. Her mother, Nayeli Sánchez, told Marie Claire Mexico that Adhara had to switch schools three times, and her old classmates and teachers were not empathetic to her achievements. This led to her feeling excluded and depressed.

Adhara’s goal is to become an astronaut and to colonise Mars. She said, “If you don’t like where you are, imagine where you want to be. I see myself at NASA, so it’s worth a try.”

Last year, the University of Arizona offered her a scholarship to study astrophysics, but due to visa complications, she had to defer.


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