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Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence leaves everyone stunned as she ditched her stilettos for a pair of flip-flops

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence made a surprising fashion statement at the Cannes Film Festival, catching everyone’s attention by swapping her stilettos for a pair of flip-flops. During the premiere of ‘Anatomie d’une Chute’ (Anatomy of a Fall), the Oscar-winning star defied the festival’s unwritten dress code by pairing black flip-flops with her red gown on the red carpet. The event’s photos and videos have been circulating on social media.

Lawrence wore a cherry red crepe silk gown by Dior Haute Couture, featuring delicate spaghetti straps, a soft ruffle at the bustline, and a matching red wrap. She accessorized her look with an Archi Dior necklace made of white gold and diamonds.

While descending the stairs at the Palais des Festivals, the 32-year-old actress playfully lifted her gown, revealing her unconventional choice of black flip-flops. This move was considered bold because Cannes traditionally expects women to wear high heels on the red carpet. In the past, there have been incidents where attendees were reportedly denied entry to premieres because they were wearing flats, such as in 2015 with the film ‘Carol.’

Although Lawrence opted for flip-flops during the special screening of “Anatomy of a Fall,” she later changed into red satin heels for another premiere on the same day. Donning the same gown but different footwear, she attended the premiere of “Bread and Roses,” a documentary she supported and produced. The documentary explores the lives of women in Afghanistan after the resurgence of the Taliban.

In 2018, “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart made headlines when she removed her shoes on the Cannes red carpet and criticized the festival’s strict dress code. Similarly, in 2016, Julia Roberts went barefoot at the event, while Stewart chose to wear flats.

On the film front, Lawrence recently appeared in Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” and “Causeway.” She will soon be seen in “No Hard Feelings,” where she portrays Maddie, an Uber driver who loses her license and, while searching for a job, responds to a Craigslist ad from parents seeking someone to date their 19-year-old son before he starts college.


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