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Kerala plagued by human-wildlife conflict: 4 injured in Kottayam as jackal attacks surge.

Human-Wildlife Conflict in Kerala: Jackal Attack Injures 4 in Kottayam

Amid concerns over the rising human-wildlife conflict in Kerala, a violent jackal has left four individuals, including women, injured in Ramapuram, Kottayam. The attacks took place in different areas of Chakkampuzha, starting as early as 6 am. The elusive jackal, which attacked Nedumballil Jose in the Ezhachery region, later moved to Chakkampuzha, and neither forest officials nor local residents have been able to locate it yet.

The victims sustained injuries to their faces and fingers, with Neduvilamakkal Baby suffering severe facial wounds. Disturbingly, reports indicate that the jackal bit off part of a man’s finger during the assault. Although Ramapuram is not situated close to the forest range, it is an isolated village with hills and thickets, making it a common territory for stray jackals.

Complicating matters, it is essential to consider the potential transmission of diseases. Reports suggest that if the jackal is infected with the rabies virus, those attacked may face health issues similar to those resulting from bites by rabid dogs. Consequently, immediate administration of the rabies vaccine is crucial to prevent further complications for the injured individuals.


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