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BJP leader Vinod Tawde says, Eknath Khadse should re-join BJP

Vinod Tawde, national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has urged Eknath Khadse, a former top party official, to re-join the saffron party. Khadse left the BJP in October 2020 and is now a member of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).


Vinod Tawde stated to reporters for Mumbai Tak on Friday that the BJP requires a senior leader like him. Eknath Khadse’s outspokenness, according to Vinod Tawde, will not be tolerated in his party, but Khadse is unquestionably one of the leaders the party members consider to be worthy of joining, he added.


When asked about the miffed leaders in the party, Vinod Tawde said, ‘The kind of friendship and relations I have with everyone in the political fraternity, miffed people not just from my party, but from the other parties also share their sorrows with me.’


‘Also, they don’t expect me to give them a solution, but it is just a kind of exchange we have between us,’ said BJP leader Vinod Tawde. One of the BJP’s key leaders was Eknath Khadse. He joined the BJP in 1987 and served on the state organization’s core committee till he quit in October 2020.


He represented Jalgaon in Maharashtra’s Muktainagar constituency in the legislative assembly for six years in a row until 2019. Several BJP leaders have been observed dissatisfied in the state ever since Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, took over as leader of the party in 2014. While some chose to voice their disapproval out loud, others opted to keep quiet.


According to him, the BJP has not been able to win a number of seats in Maharashtra for 30 to 40 years. Other party leaders from that region of the state are only included in the party in that situation. He further said, ‘Old cadre of the party must understand that leaders from other parties are imported for a successful political and electoral arithmetic.’

Vinod Tawde responded to the Mumbai Tak reporters’ inquiries on this by saying, ‘Having patience is very important in politics, especially when you feel that injustice is being done to you.’




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