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Former US official reveals information about the govt’s secret missions that have retrieved UFOs

A former intelligence official from the United States, who has now become a whistleblower, has revealed classified information about secret government programs that allegedly involve the retrieval of UFOs of non-human origin. The astonishing revelations made by the whistleblower have been brought to public attention through a report published on ‘The Debrief’ website.

The report is authored by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, who were part of the team that disclosed the existence of a secret Pentagon program investigating UFOs in 2017. These unidentified anomalous phenomena, now officially referred to as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), are the focus of their report. Here are the key details you need to know.

The whistleblower is David Charles Grusch, a decorated former combat officer who has served in Afghanistan and worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Grusch has come forward with revelations about covert programs that involve the retrieval of intact or partially intact vehicles of non-human origin, commonly known as UFOs. He claims that this classified information has been illegally withheld from Congress, and he has faced illegal retaliation for disclosing it.

Grusch’s attorney, Charles McCullough III, a former Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, has filed a complaint on his behalf, asserting that UAP-related classified information has been deliberately withheld from Congress by elements within the intelligence community. The complaint has been deemed credible and urgent, leading to a whistleblower reprisal investigation.

Starting in 2022, Grusch has reportedly provided Congress with hours of recorded classified information, although physical materials related to the wreckage or non-human objects have not been provided. According to Grusch, the existence of historical programs involved in the coordinated retrieval and study of exotic materials, dating back to the early 20th century, should no longer be kept secret. While most of the retrieved materials have a terrestrial explanation, any nonzero number falling outside this category represents a significant statistical percentage with an undeniably non-human origin.

Supporting Grusch’s claims, Jonathan Grey, an intelligence officer specializing in UAP analysis, has publicly acknowledged the reality of non-human intelligence and emphasized the need for a global solution to this phenomenon. Other witnesses, such as Christopher Mellon, a veteran of the US Intelligence Community, have expressed concerns about the leadership of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office established by Congress to investigate UAP and related phenomena. Despite potential explosive information, it has been challenging to ensure validation and gain trust due to skepticism towards the office’s leadership.

Various sources have attested to Grusch’s credibility and the sensitivity of the information he possesses. The Air Force, which has been less forthcoming than other agencies regarding UAP, has seen insiders like Jonathan Grey step forward to support Grusch’s claims. The potential benefits for humanity from studying these UFOs have been highlighted by Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor at Stanford University.

He suggests that even small samples of purported alien materials could lead to groundbreaking advancements and technological revolutions beyond our current comprehension, potentially transforming human civilization.

The disclosure made by Grusch and corroborated by other intelligence officials has shed light on covert programs involving the retrieval of non-human vehicles. These revelations have reignited the interest in uncovering the truth about these phenomena, their implications for national security, and the potential benefits they may hold for the future of humanity.


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