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Follow these simple tips to become a better single parent

Single parents are becoming more and more common. Here are some tips given by experts to become a better single parent.

Establish a schedule and routine with your child. Follow the same schedule every day. For example, if the child cries, don’t just pick her/him up. Make sure your child’s need for attention does not become a demand for attention.

Always express your love and praise for your child. Even after you scold them, make sure you finish with a positive quality about them.

Spend quality time with them. Allow them to feel that they are the ones who matter the most by setting aside a time just for them. No phones, no computers, read or just talk to them.

Set boundaries. Set house rules from the beginning concerning when they eat, sleep, and play. Once they start sitting up and playing, make sure you teach them to return their toys to their original place.

Don’t feel guilty. Parental guilt is normal. Make sure not to spoil your child to make up for being a single parent.

Take care of yourself first. Do your daily routine and exercise. It will set a good example for the child. Give yourself a timeout every now and then.

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Get help from others. Everyone has friends and family around them. Use your support system to get advice and to hear what others have to say.

Don’t put your child before your relationship. Not the other way around. Your child must come first, and you should consider how that person will affect him or her.

You are their role model. Children require understanding, nurturing, and love. It is very important to provide the child with a safe environment where their skills and emotional intelligence can develop. This is critical for their success.

Be positive and encourage their development. Try to avoid making negative remarks about the other gender. Always make sure your child sees the positive aspects of both sexes as a single parent by saying what you think matters.

Maintain a positive attitude if you are the child’s only breadwinner or get support from the other parent. Be careful not to speak negatively about your partner. Children should live in a neutral environment. They are not there to be your mini-me, or to act as your surrogate. Be very careful not to make this mistake.

Show you are always interested in your child. Ask about their favorite games, books, or movies. Find out what their friends are doing at school or childcare.

Avoid stress: If you are dealing with stress, such as financial worries, it’s easy for your adult thoughts and feelings to spill out, but keeping them separate from your child is extremely important.


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