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Violent confrontation in Manipur leaves two civilians wounded

In the town of Imphal in Manipur, a fresh wave of violence erupted when mobs clashed with security forces, causing chaos and endangering the lives of civilians. The clashes took place overnight, and the situation escalated when attempts were made to set fire to the houses of BJP leaders, according to officials. Unfortunately, two civilians were injured during the violent confrontation.

Throughout the night, separate incidents of automatic gunfire were reported in Kwakta, located in the Bishnupur district of Manipur, and Kangvai, situated in the Churachandpur district. Additionally, there was an alarming incident where an endeavor was made to loot weapons from the Iringbam police station in Imphal West, although no weapons were successfully stolen.

To restore order and prevent further chaos, a joint effort involving the Army, Assam Rifles, and Manipur Rapid Action Force was undertaken. They conducted marches throughout the state capital until midnight, aiming to deter the rioters from congregating.

One particularly concerning incident involved a mob consisting of approximately 1,000 individuals who gathered with the intention of burning down buildings near the palace compound. In response, the Rapid Action Force (RAF) resorted to firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd and prevent their destructive intentions from materializing.

Other mobs also attempted to set fire to the house of Biswajeet, an MLA, and targeted the BJP office in Sinjemai. However, the RAF, with the support of the Army, managed to disperse these unruly groups, preventing any harm from being inflicted.

Amidst the chaos, a mob surrounded the house of Sharda Devi, the BJP’s women’s wing president, late at night. Thankfully, the security forces were able to disperse the mob, preventing any further damage or harm.

Prior to these clashes, there were reports of roadblocks being set up and properties being torched in the heart of Imphal town. One of the incidents involved an attack on a house belonging to Union Minister RK Ranjan Singh, with attempts made to burn it down. Furthermore, a warehouse near the royal palace, owned by a retired tribal IAS officer, was completely destroyed by fire.

The security guards and firefighters bravely intervened to control the arson attempts and managed to save the house of the Minister of State for External Affairs from being gutted on a separate occasion. However, clashes between the mob and RAF personnel ensued after the warehouse was set on fire, with the group also obstructing roads in Wangkhei, Porompat, and Thangapat areas by burning tires, logs, and waste, causing disruptions to the flow of traffic in Manipur’s capital town.

Tragically, the violence in Manipur is part of a larger ongoing ethnic conflict between the Meitei and Kuki communities, which has already claimed the lives of over 100 people in the span of a month. In response, the state government has implemented curfews across 11 districts and imposed a ban on internet services in an attempt to halt the spread of rumors and maintain peace and stability in the region.

The root cause of these clashes can be traced back to a protest that took place on May 3. The protest, known as the ‘Tribal Solidarity March,’ was organized in the hill districts to express opposition to the Meitei community’s demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. Manipur’s population consists of Meiteis, who make up around 53% and primarily reside in the Imphal Valley, while the remaining 40% comprises Nagas and Kukis, who predominantly inhabit the hill districts.

The situation in Manipur remains tense and volatile, with authorities working tirelessly to restore peace and harmony among the various communities while ensuring the safety


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