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US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti says that New Delhi and Washington have a future of ‘boundless opportunities’

Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India, expressed on Wednesday (June 28) that the relationship between New Delhi and Washington is progressing rapidly and holds immense potential for the future. Garcetti’s statements followed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic State visit to the United States, where he highlighted significant advancements in the alliance between America and India.

During an address at an event in IIT-Delhi, Garcetti emphasized the commonalities between India and the United States, stating that both nations have dreams that materialize into reality. He cited the example of a young boy selling tea who ultimately rose to lead India on the global stage, portraying Indian dreams and American dreams as interconnected facets.

Reflecting on PM Modi’s visit and the meetings between the two leaders, Garcetti described it as an extraordinary celebration of the bond between the world’s leading democracies, underscoring the power of their transformative friendship. Quoting PM Modi, Garcetti emphasized the limitless potential for cooperation and the effortless rapport between the two nations.

Garcetti highlighted the capacity of India and the US to ensure peace and stability not only in the Indo-Pacific region but also beyond. He expressed a shared commitment to standing against coercion and upholding peace. Additionally, Garcetti noted that India conducts more military exercises with the US than any other country, suggesting the need for a reframing and realization of their vision.

Touching upon human rights, Garcetti pledged that the US would maintain engagement with India on this issue, as it does with countries worldwide. He invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, highlighting the significance of unity in diversity, and emphasized that together, the US and India can combat the “might makes right” mentality.

Drawing on Vice President Kamala Harris’ reflections on her grandfather’s teachings during India’s independence movement, Garcetti stressed the importance of not only having democracy but also actively defending it. He expressed hope for increased collaboration between the United States and India across regions ranging from Central Asia to Southern Africa.

Regarding defense production, Garcetti noted that when the US and India collaborate to co-produce military equipment, they establish cutting-edge systems with sustainable costs and resilient supply chains. He cited ongoing work in airframes, engineering, and future projects in aero engines, artillery, and ground vehicles as examples of the potential for deepening co-production and pursuing new opportunities.

In summary, Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India, highlighted the rapid acceleration and boundless potential in the burgeoning relationship between New Delhi and Washington. He emphasized the shared values, common dreams, transformative friendship, and the capacity of both nations to promote peace, defend democracy, and strengthen cooperation in various domains, including defense production.


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