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Know all about pregnancy fatigue and ways to overcome it

Pregnancy fatigue is a common issue that most expecting mothers often experience.  One may experience this tiredness at different trimesters or multiple times as well. Fatigue is as simple as getting tired. When an expecting mother feels tired throughout the day it is called pregnancy fatigue.

Causes of Pregnancy Fatigue:

Increased level of progesterone

Low blood pressure

The lower level of blood sugar

Disturbed sleep patterns


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Tips to Cope With Pregnancy Fatigue:

Good Sleep Hygiene: Try to have a good sleep schedule. Take naps during the day to re-energise for the day

Keep yourself hydrated: Hydration is the key to solving half of the health issues.

Regular Exercise: Exercise can actually help to keep energy levels high during the day.

Snack on Healthy Meals: Have mini meals in between that do not cause a blood sugar spike.

Deep Breathing: Practise proper breathing exercises to calm body and mind.



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