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Sadhika Venugopal reveals how minor issues escalated into major challenges, discussing her divorce.

Actor-model Sadhika Venugopal candidly discusses her divorce, shedding light on the factors that led to the end of her marriage. In a recent interview, Sadhika, known for her roles in popular TV serials and Malayalam films, shared her perspective on the failed relationship. Reflecting on her decision to get married, she stated, “I am a happy divorcee. I decided to get married after giving it a lot of thought. But somehow it didn’t work out.” Despite her divorce, she hasn’t removed her old photos from social media, acknowledging that they still appear in search results. Recounting the origins of the relationship, she revealed, “He was my friend’s friend. It came as a proposal, and we did take time to get to know each other before our marriage. But somehow it didn’t work out.”

When asked about the specific reasons behind their divorce, Sadhika emphasized that small issues between them gradually escalated into bigger problems. “Different strokes for different folks! I am someone who looks for perfection in everything. I expect my partner to share everything with me, good or bad. And when that doesn’t happen, then it causes problems. Then small issues will get bigger. That’s what eventually led to our split,” she explained. Despite the challenges faced, Sadhika maintains a positive outlook on her experience, embracing her status as a divorcee and openly sharing her story.


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