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Contrasting Data: Gujarat govt and Centre disagree on crime against women

There is a significant discrepancy between the reported numbers of crimes against women in Gujarat, as presented by the state government and the Central government. According to statistics presented in the Lok Sabha on July 25, the Central government reported 2,633 rape cases and 31 cases of gang rape and murder in Gujarat between 2017 and 2021. However, the Gujarat government, in a statement made in the state assembly on March 10, 2022, stated that there were 3,796 rape cases and 61 gang-rape cases in just two years, specifically in 2020 and 2021.

This disparity has raised concerns and drawn criticism from the opposition party in Gujarat, the Congress. The Gujarat Congress spokesperson, Parthivaraj Kathwadia, accused the BJP-led state government of attempting to conceal the actual number of crimes against women. He pointed out that the Gujarat government had officially provided the higher numbers of rape cases in the state assembly, but the Central government’s figures seem to contradict those numbers.

The discrepancy has raised questions about the reliability of crime data and the transparency of reporting by the state and central authorities. Congress spokesperson Hiren Banker highlighted another issue concerning the statistics of missing women. He stated that there is a disparity in the numbers reported by the Gujarat Police and the data publicized in the media. According to media reports, 41,621 women were reported missing in Gujarat between 2016 and 2020, but the Gujarat Police claimed that 94.90 per cent of them were eventually found.

The opposition party has raised concerns that the BJP-led government is potentially hiding the actual statistics of missing women and manipulating crime data to present a favorable image. The discrepancy in reported numbers has prompted the Congress to question the credibility of both state and central government data on crimes against women and demand greater transparency in reporting.

The issue has become a matter of public interest, and there are calls for a thorough investigation to ascertain the accuracy of crime data and ensure that the authorities are held accountable for reporting accurate and reliable information regarding crimes against women in Gujarat.


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