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Kerala Government to Provide Financial Aid for Pulikali

The Kerala state government has unveiled a plan to offer financial support to Pulikali, a traditional folk art celebrated during the Naalaam Onam day in Thrissur. The Heritage and Culture Preservation Scheme has allocated Rs 2.5 lakhs for this purpose. “The tourism minister’s office has confirmed the approval of the funds. While our request for a total of Rs 5 lakhs to support participating teams wasn’t entirely met, each team will receive Rs 50,000,” shared Adv. Baby P Antony, the secretary of Shaktan Pulikali Sangham.

Each Pulikali team will receive Rs 2.5 lakhs from the corporation, with the event scheduled for September 1. This year, the visual spectacle will witness five teams partaking, drawing audiences from various corners of the globe.

Notably, the last instance of financial aid being granted to the Pulikali teams was in 2014. “Back in 2014, with 10 teams participating, each team was allotted Rs. 1 lakh. While the current allocation falls short, we’re pleased that our concerns have been acknowledged after an extended period,” Antony added.

During the pulikali’s kodiyettam (flag hoisting ceremony) on a Sunday morning, Mayor MK Varghese of Thrissur municipal corporation urged the state government to shoulder the expenses associated with the grand event.


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