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Thrissur Kudumbashree Women Achieve World Record Through Dance

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Kuttanellur Government College in Thrissur, a momentous occasion unfolded – the official declaration of a new world record for the largest Thiruvathirakkali. This announcement was met with tears of joy from one of the participants, Jaya PR, a resident of Thrissur corporation.

Reflecting on the significance of the achievement, Jaya remarked, “I’ve been a part of numerous activities organized by Kudumbashree, braving scorching heat and relentless rain. Yet, today’s blazing sun felt the sweetest. We’ve etched our names in history by setting this world record.”

Jaya’s association with Kudumbashree spans over a decade. As a 43-year-old mother of two, she crafts and sells homemade delicacies at Kudumbashree’s counters, contributing to the state-run poverty eradication and women empowerment initiative.

Joining hands with Jaya were 7,026 women representing various Kudumbashree units from Thrissur district. Together, they showcased the traditional dance form, creating the largest Thiruvathirakali assembly ever recorded. This achievement earned them a place in both the Limca Book of Records and Talent World Records. The grand Thiruvathira performance was a highlight of the district-level Onam celebration, a collaborative effort between the Tourism Department, Thrissur DTPC, District Administration, and Corporation.

During the event’s inauguration, Revenue Minister K Rajan applauded Kudumbashree, lauding it as the world’s largest women’s organization and a stellar example of women’s empowerment. He also revealed plans to host Kudumbashree’s Mega Thiruvathira in Thrissur city starting next year, with the intention of drawing global attention to the city.

The awe-inspiring Thiruvathirakkali display lasted for an astounding 10.56 seconds, shattering the previous world record held by a group of 6,582 women. The fervor and unity of these women have not only secured a place in history but also exemplified the power of collective effort and cultural celebration.


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