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Cheruthoni Dam Security Breach: Police Seek Foreign Embassy’s Aid to Apprehend Accused Youth

Authorities are diligently pursuing the investigation into the security breach at Cheruthoni Dam, where a youth from Ottapalam is the prime suspect. The youth, currently employed in a Gulf country, is the focus of attention as law enforcement seeks to apprehend him. While approximately 90 percent of the investigation has been completed, authorities emphasize the need to question the youth before reaching a conclusive resolution.

Furthermore, Foreigners Regional Registration Offices across the nation have been alerted to intercept the accused youth should he attempt to reenter India through airports or seaports. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to convince the youth’s relatives to encourage his return.

The breach itself transpired on July 22 at 3:15 pm, as evidenced by CCTV footage. Workers conducting routine maintenance on September 4 discovered the tampering with security equipment. The youth had placed multiple locks on high mast lights and power cables, as well as tampered with the shutter mechanism of the dam, a vital component of the Idukki reservoir, the state’s largest power project.

District police chief V U Kurikose affirms the pursuit of all available avenues to bring the youth back promptly. Six officers from the Idukki AR camp have been suspended pending inquiry, and the investigation extends to the foreign embassy’s involvement. The suspended officers were responsible for security on the day of the breach. Additionally, routine security measures include visitors passing through metal detectors at the dam’s entry points.

An inspection conducted by the Dam Safety Organization of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) found that the Cheruthoni Dam’s shutter ropes remain in proper working order. Furthermore, military intelligence has initiated an investigation, considering a section of the dam is allocated for Indian Navy personnel training from Kochi.

Intriguingly, the youth had acquired approximately 500 medium-sized locks in silver and gold colors and reached the dam in a rental car. All unused locks have been seized by the investigation team. Notably, the youth had a history of receiving treatment for delusion, prompting authorities to explore the possibility of external influence or manipulation.


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