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Google Flights Now Helps You Find Affordable Tickets

As the Christmas and New Year holidays draw near, many travelers are in a dilemma about when to secure their flight tickets. Fortunately, Google Flights, one of Google’s latest features, comes to the rescue with valuable insights.

The Google Flights team conducted a comprehensive analysis of airfares spanning the past five years, unearthing essential information to guide travelers in making the best choices for securing affordable tickets. According to Google, the optimal time to book flight tickets falls in the middle of the week, with fares tending to surge on weekends and peaking on Sundays. Conversely, Monday through Wednesday offers a 12-20 percent reduction in ticket prices.

Another tip from Google is to consider booking layover flights, which can be up to 20 percent cheaper than non-stop services. However, Google Flights offers more than just advice on timing; it provides a unique feature. If travelers follow Google Flights’ recommendations and the fare subsequently drops further, Google will refund the price difference via Google Pay. This feature is currently on a trial run in the US.

Google’s latest predictions indicate that the highest demand for flight tickets will occur during the Christmas holidays, with the ideal booking window opening in the first week of October. Google advises booking tickets approximately 71 days prior to departure to secure the lowest fares. With Google Flights, travelers can confidently plan their holiday journeys while ensuring the best possible ticket prices.


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