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Pictures show Surat women adorning teeth with diamonds to create bright smile for Navratri

As Navratri draws near, Surat in Gujarat is witnessing the emergence of a distinctive trend: diamond-studded teeth. It’s true what you just read! Women are upping their fashion game by adorning their teeth with small diamonds to give sparkle to their smiles.


Women who want their teeth adorned with tiny diamonds can receive services from a number of dental offices located across the city. The challenging process entails putting a tiny diamond on the tooth without harming it.


Depending on the customer’s preferences, the diamond’s size and price range are chosen. The price to attach a diamond to a tooth often ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500. However, when the holiday season draws near, the cost drops to Rs 800, especially during Gujarat’s festive and opulent Navratri festival.


Women are willing to spend the money to adorn their teeth with diamonds for a different sort of radiance and memorable selfies because they want to add an extra shine to their smiles before the elaborate Garba and Dandiya performances.


According to Dr. Hetal Tabakuwala, a dentist in Surat, the diamonds can be taken out at any time. She also claims that there are no negative side effects if the diamonds are inadvertently ingested.


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