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Know the history of condom

For the first time in 1564, Italian doctor Gabriel Fallopio made a thing that promoted safe sex. But at that time people found this discovery of Gabriel Fallopio stupid.

For the first time in 1600, the size of condom was revealed to everyone. It was made from animal skin. But its price was so high that ordinary people could not use it.

In 1605, the Catholic Guru Leonardus Lessius described the use of condoms as iniquitous. According to him, any interruption between sex was considered against God.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear first discovered a rubber condom, which cost far less than a condom made of animal skin.

In 1919, for the first time, such a condom was made, which was very similar to today’s condom. And for the first time this condom was launched in the market for common people.

In 1931, condoms were made a necessary item for the American Army. From this year itself, condoms were being distributed free of cost to army personnel.

In 1957, Durex launched the world’s first lubricated condom in the market.

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In 1979, a ban on condom advertising in the US was lifted, and legislation was also passed in support of it.

In 1980 AIDS began to spread its footprint worldwide. Soon after, many countries started making public awareness about the use of condoms.

The world got the first fragrant and color condom in the year 1990.

In 1991, the first women’s condom named Femidom arrived. This condom was like a revolution for the industry and common people.

In 1995, an American show named ‘The Sponge’ was shown opening the packet of condoms for the first time. Condom was not shown before in any show.

For the first time in 1997, Durex launched a website to give complete information about condoms, as well as the same year the company also launched a VIbration condom in the market.



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