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James Cameron reveals how he had to cut corners for most expensive film of its time, Titanic

James Cameron’s iconic film “Titanic” holds a special place in cinematic history for its grand scale, budget, and unprecedented success. As the film gets ready for its 4K remastering home video release, Cameron has reflected on the challenges faced during its production, particularly the need to manage its colossal budget.

At the time of its creation, “Titanic” was not just the most expensive film but also set a benchmark that few films have been able to match in terms of scale and budget. Cameron expressed skepticism about the film’s financial success, given the immense resources required for its groundbreaking sets and sequences.

The complexity of engineering and the vast resources needed to bring the Titanic world to life contributed significantly to the film’s high production cost. Cameron acknowledged that the scale of everything involved was beyond their prior experiences. Despite their reservations, the film went on to become a colossal success, breaking box office records and earning critical acclaim.

In an effort to control the budget, Cameron and producer Jon Landau took various measures, including scrapping an entire set that was planned to be canted at a three-degree angle, resulting in a saving of $750,000. They also strategically cast extras who were shorter than 5 foot 8 inches to make the sets appear even more significant, thereby maximizing the value of their casting choices.

Released in 1997, “Titanic” premiered on December 19 and became the highest-grossing film of all time until Cameron surpassed his own record in 2009 with “Avatar.” As the film prepares for its 4K remastering home video release, fans can revisit the iconic love story and witness the meticulous efforts that went into creating the cinematic masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


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