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Tips for couples to improve sex life

Most couples find it challenging to lead a healthy sex life. So, experts share some simple tips for couples to lead a healthy sex life.

Schedule time for sex: Couples who stay in long-term, happy relationships usually prioritize sex and even put it on their calendars.Scheduling sex gives you time to eliminate stress.

Avoid the ‘chasing dynamic’: You want sex. Your partner doesn’t. If your partner doesn’t seem interested, don’t assume it’s because they aren’t attracted to you. If your relationship lacks sex, the worst thing you can do is chase your partner. Chasing them will increase their stress.

Stop focusing on sex: If you want to accelerate your sex life, you need to stop making sex the goal. Instead, focus on building intimacy. Agree that you and your partner will go for a certain period of time without having sex. Once the pressure is off, you’ll have space to be more intimate in other ways.

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While you’re on your sex break, make time each day for cuddling and kissing. Hugging and kissing  are a great way to build intimacy.

See a sex therapist: Couples who have a strong friendship should be able to do these exercises to rebuild intimacy. If you and your partner find it difficult then consult  a therapist.


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