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Massive 500kg German World War Two bomb discovered in a garden in Plymouth

A massive German World War Two bomb, weighing 500kg (1,102lb), was discovered in a garden on St Michael Avenue, prompting a significant evacuation in Plymouth and causing considerable disruption over a period of four days. Authorities responded by closing roads, suspending rail and bus services, and implementing safety protocols as the bomb was carefully transported a distance of 1.4 miles (2.3km) through the city. Following days of meticulous planning and disruption, the unexploded bomb was successfully detonated at sea beyond the breakwater on Friday (Feb 23), bringing an end to a period of upheaval for thousands of Plymouth residents.

The disposal operation involved the establishment of a temporary 300m (984ft) cordon and the deployment of a military convoy responsible for transporting the bomb to the Torpoint Ferry slipway.

The detonation of the bomb at sea brought a sense of relief to residents within the cordon area, comprising 10,320 individuals and 4,300 properties, who had been instructed to evacuate their homes as a precautionary measure. These residents endured anxious moments as they complied with the evacuation orders, uncertain of the potential risks posed by the unexploded bomb.


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