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Bramayugam starring Mammootty, grosses Rs 50 crore in 11 days

Mammootty’s latest film, “Bramayugam,” continues to dominate the box office, crossing the coveted Rs 50 crore mark worldwide within just 11 days of its release. This achievement comes amidst stiff competition from other releases, making it a significant milestone for the movie and its fans. Despite facing tough competition from other films like the Manjummel Boys, “Bramayugam” managed to maintain its momentum and emerge successful at the box office since its release on February 15.

The success of “Bramayugam” can be attributed to its widespread positive reception, not only in Kerala but also in other regions where it has been released in multiple languages. Within just three days of its release, the film garnered considerable attention both nationally and internationally, thanks to its compelling storyline and stellar performances by Mammootty and the supporting cast. The film’s engaging narrative and Mammootty’s powerful portrayal have resonated well with audiences, driving its popularity.

Social media platforms are currently abuzz with discussions about “Bramayugam,” with audiences praising its captivating storytelling and impressive performances. Mammootty’s performance in the lead role, along with strong supporting performances from actors like Arjun Ashokan, Siddharth Bharathan, and Amalda Liz, has garnered widespread acclaim. Produced by Night Shift Studios, “Bramayugam” has made a significant impact across various language markets, including Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi, marking a successful debut for the production house in the film industry.


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