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Simple sex tips for long distance relationships

Keeping the intimacy live in long distance relationships can be a challenge as physical intimacy will be missing in these relationships. But just by following some simple tips, one can try to keep things hot between the two of you despite the distances:

Leave notes and chits: Next time you visit them or they visit you, leave some sexy notes or chits in their luggage, in the pockets of their pants  or in their wardrobe or other such places. Talk dirty in those notes to get them aroused even when you aren t around.

Sending naughty gifts: Once in a while, send in some sexy lingerie or a sex toy or an erotic book or movie as a gift. You could even send fragrant bath products or a scarf with a note saying this one is to hide those love bites .

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If you both love reading books, suggest erotic paragraphs from a novel or recommend hot movie scenes to your partner. Ask them to imagine you instead. You can even watch the scene the same time at your home and message each other while at it. Or read the erotic paragraph to your partner to get him in the mood.

Record yourself in the dark or just record your audio of when you are playing with yourself or masturbating. Your partner will surely get turned on with all the moaning and sounds you make. You can tell your partner what you d like to do with them the next time you meet. This will create enough anticipation to keep things hot until the next time.


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