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Simple tips for men to improve sexual performance

Here are some simple tips for having better sex. These tips are given by Gaurav Gupta, the co-founder of men’s health and wellness brand

1. Foreplay: Foreplay is the sweetest part of lovemaking. It is foreplay that makes the human sexual experience different from animals. The sweet nothings, cuddling, kisses and hugs make couples bond more deeply than through intercourse.

Especially for women, foreplay holds a very special position in the entire lovemaking process and they tend to remember it more vividly than anything else about sex. Prolonged foreplay also vastly enhances the sexual experience for both partners.

2. Understand your partner’s needs: Knowing what your partner wants in bed is the most powerful tool for better sex. To make sex better, try and find out what turns your partner on – Is it oral? Visual? Mental?

According to experts, more than the intercourse itself, women find greater pleasure in oral stimulation.

3. Self-education: Educate yourself. Learn about the basic rules of sex, about what women like in bed, about lubricants, about making love differently, about pleasuring each other in newer ways, about how hormone levels and sexual drive change with age, and much more.

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4. Try something new: In long term relationships, sex often tends to be tedious and it becomes increasingly tricky to get excited, stay focused, and pleasure your partner. Experimentation is what you need. Think of making love to your partner outside the hackneyed bedroom. Explore newer corners of your home.

Be experimental in bed – try new positions, stop shying away from sex toys, and consider using vibrators made for couples. Moreover, talk about sexual fantasies, new lubricants, and new ways of pleasuring each other, to make sex not only better but more thrilling.

5. Communication: Ask her how she feels, if she wants something different and tell her how desirable she is – and see how she unravels herself. Talking openly always makes sexual experiences better.

In the last and but not least in life great sex mostly comes from great love.



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