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Know how to set up Siri on your smartphone

Mumbai: Siri is Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant .  It  is a built-in feature available for users of Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Mac. Siri can perform tasks like managing schedules, answering questions, and controlling smart home devices.

Steps to activate Siri

Open Settings

Access Siri and Search in the settings menu, by scrolling down and tapping on ‘Siri & Search’, which will help the user to set up and customize Siri on your device.

Enable ‘Hey, Siri’: At the top of the ‘Siri & Search’ page, where you will see a switch labelled ‘Listen for Hey, Siri’.

Now tap on it to turn it green, which will enable the feature.

How to initiate set up ‘Hey, Siri’

Initiate Setup: After enabling ‘Listen for ‘Hey, Siri’, your iPhone will prompt you to set up ‘Hey, Siri’.

Then tap on ‘Continue’ to proceed with the setup process.

Calibrate Siri: You will be asked to say a series of phrases into your phone, which will be crucial as it calibrates Siri to understand and react to your voice.

Follow the on-screen instructions and speak the requested phrases.

Complete Setup

Once you’ve finished saying the phrases, tap ‘Done’.

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Using Siri with Buttons

You can also access Siri by pressing a button on your iPhone, rather than using your voice.

Enabling Button Access

In the ‘Siri & Search’ settings, below ‘Listen for ‘Hey, Siri’, you’ll find an option labelled ‘Press Side Button for Siri’ (or ‘Press Home Button for Siri’ if your iPhone has a Home button). Tap the switch to turn it green, which will enable this feature.

Button Activation

If your iPhone has a side button, you can hold it to bring up Siri. For models with a Home button, holding the Home button will activate Siri.

Verifying Siri Settings

After setting up, ‘Siri & Search’, settings will display both:

Listen for ‘Hey, Siri’

‘Press Side/Home Button for Siri’ as enabled.

This means Siri is fully set up and ready to respond to both voice commands and button presses.



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